What we do

Computer Vision

We specialize in Computer Vision and Visualization. Image processing is at the core of our competence.

Cross Platform

All our desktop applications run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Algorithm Porting

We port your MATLAB/Java/Cobol code to modern optimized and highly maintainable C++.

GIS expertise

We have a large experience working with geographical engineers. We can help you decide which datum, ellipse or map projection to use and we can extend your existing GIS software to provide the image processing functionality you need.


We can help you build an application from scratch or enhance your existing application with new features and offer performance optimization. Or we can set up a test environment to improve your developing cycle.


We can optimize and/or debug your existing codebase when you need that extra mileage. We have experience with multi-threading, SIMD and GPU-utilization.

What we have done for our clients
Stereo Camera Validation

DLR, Stereo/3D

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GDAL Viewer

Image processing

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Solar panel
Greateyes image viewer

Image processing

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Stereo Camera Validation

Validation of a Stereo Camera Rig in a 3D Test Environment


This project showcases an interesting combination of two methods of 3D-Generation.

A stationary laser scanner was placed in a small outdoor scene and the result was compared with the output of a mobile stereo camera rig traversing the same scene. The experiment was conducted by DLRs Institute of Transportation Systems and blikken provided the visualization software.

The software visualizes the laser scanner point cloud and loads all camera positions enabling virtual “rides” through the scene.

The setup allows for comparison at two levels:

  • The stereo disparity images can be converted into point clouds and rendered in the 3D scene.
  • The laser point clouds can be projected into images that can be compared with the disparity images

Both of these comparisons were performed in this publication.

GDAL Viewer

GDAL Viewer for DLR


This project for german aerospace agency DLR started out as an image viewer – albeit one for very large images. Typical aerial images are in the giga-pixel range. Emphasis was put on the ability to experiment with filters in real time. In the end a complete workflow for extracting building contours out of aerial data was developed. In the video below you can see how a city scene is classified into four categories based on the NDVI index and elevation data calculated from stereo imagery:

  • Elevated vegetation(trees)
  • Non-elevated vegetation(lawns etc)
  • Non-elevated non-vegetation(streets etc)
  • Elevated non vegetation (buildings)

In the end the areas classified as buildings are extracted and transformed into vector data.




  • Image processing
  • GIS
Greateyes image viewer

Greateyes image viewer


In 2010 innovative Berlin camera makers greateyes needed a camera grabber and viewer that suited their special needs. Greateyes is an innovative, German based enterprise that is dedicated to the field of optical inspection. The company develops and manufactures its own high end cameras. For the solar industry various electro- and photoluminescence systems for wafer, cell, and module examination are available. Blikken delivered ther first custom made image viewer with extensive analytical capabilities.

  • Image processing
  • 3D
  • Qt
Who we work with


Blikken has assisted the german space agency with numerous software projects. See the portfolio section for details.



Blikken has helped this innovative Berliner camera manufacturer in their earliest startup phase. The result was an extended image viewer.


In 2010 we were awarded the title “Qt ambassador” by then-maintainers Nokia on the strength of a Qt-based interactive map viewer.


Blikken turns to Berlin based startup bitGilde IT Solutions for high performance iOS and web development.

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